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Data quality for making the right decisions on time

Aqtiva’s data quality platform leverages BigData and AI to help you set up quality points with just a few clicks

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The power of data begins with its quality

Aqtiva is the key to adding data quality to your business and unleash its power

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Zero errors in your BigData

Your Big Data (Hadoop, Spark, Kafka) will use data that is clean. This will have a direct benefit on your algorithms’ efficiency and accuracy.

Did you know that 80% of a data scientist's time is spent on manually cleaning data? We apply AI to infer quality rules automatically, saving you time and costs

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The AI movement for Data Quality

The difference is that data quality is applied BEFORE bad data is stored. This prevents bad data from entering your systems, saving you tedious hours of cleaning.

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Accelerate data quality implementation by 20x

Partners & integrations,

we made it simple!

Seamlessly connect Aqtiva to your data sources for integrated Data Quality management


Designed for different
needs and environments

From Batch to Streaming. From individual to corporate.



Small teams

Are you going solo with data management in a project or small organization? Apply data quality to achieve peace of mind. You can monitor everything in Aqtiva’s real-time dashboard. If it is detected by our systems that bad data has been sent to your data processes, Aqtiva will spot it and prevent it from mixing with the clean data that you have in your data storage.

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Business Units

Medium-sized teams

Aqtiva will help you implement data quality swiftly and with no extra engineering hours. Your data team will work more efficiently, as Aqtiva will provide an accurate and clear picture of all data processes and their quality.
Aqtiva will have your business using clean data right from the moment you start using it, saving your team hours of valuable time.



Large teams

Good governance is key for any big organization. Choosing Aqtiva will help you structure all your departments and data initiatives in our project directory. 
If your company is working with several clouds, clusters and ETL tools, you will be able to switch deployment options with two-clicks, unifying everything in a real-time dashboard.

Resources, technical and business use cases

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