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Aqtiva, a startup to watch in 2021

The newspaper El Referente has identified Aqtiva as one of the 25 Spanish startups to consider in 2021.

El Referente

Manuel González

December 16, 2020 /

El Referente selects the 25 most striking startups of 2020 and that promise to shake up the entrepreneurial ecosystem of 202, for to their innovative proposal, the sector they have focused on or the support that they begin to work with companies, accelerators and references of the startup system.

The newspaper wanted to know the opinion of more than twenty expert professionals from the entrepreneurial ecosystem on the the youngest Spanish startups that they see capable of leading great advances and operations throughout 2021.

The list of experts is made up of: Jordi Vida (Kibo Ventures), Neus García (Marina de Empresas), Jaime Gil-Delgado (Swanlaab), Juan Jesús Velasco (Junta de Andalucía), Edurne Álvarez (Banco Sabadell), Mario Teijeiro (Deloitte), Carlos Blanco and Marios Brassesco (Encomenda), Lourdes Álvarez de Toledo (JME), Lalo García (Lancetalent), Gracia Catalina Piñeiro (Minerva), Pablo Moro (Wayra), Yago and Raúl Arbeloa (Hello Capital), Alfonso Gómez, Antonio Barrena, Pablo Madina, Patricia Casado (BerriUp),Pedro Muñoz (Easo Ventures), Javier José Megías (Bankinter), Sebastián Fernández (Samaipata), Kasia Adamowicz (SeedRocket), Nacho Ormeño (Startupxplore), Enrique Penichet (DraperB1), Sanja Ilic (Inveready) and Marc Clemente (KFund).

Among all the startups exposedby the experts, those have been selected that, in addition to having received the highest number of mentions, meet the criteria of not being more than three years old, not having received more than € 1M in investments and, of course, have a technological, innovative or disruptive nature

  • Aqtiva has been recognized as one of them.

Aqtiva Data Technologies is a startup that seeks to provide quality in the data ingestion phase in a BigData system. The development is oriented to both Cloud / Multicloud and OnPremise architectures and, in also, it is scalable, non-invasive and applicable to real-time or batch environments . The platform employs Machine Learning , Big Data, and predictive analytics algorithms, allowing it to provide an intuitive, real-time data quality mechanism for any large-scale information processing system.

The company is the braindchild of Juan Ramón González , Joan Fabregat , Marc Serra and Mática Partners (company founded by Juan Ramón and Marc) who started the project with the aim of improving data and information analysis: “A few years ago it was common for organizations to believe that data quality in BigData environments was neither relevant nor necessary, ”says Marc Serra. "It was believed that good results could be obtained from data mining without worrying about its quality."

However, over time it became evident that "the information obtained contained errors, due to the poor quality of the data that we had entered into the BigData" - continues Serra - "an attempt was made to alleviate the problem by preparing data profiles, known like Data Profiling , where companies like Informatica, IBM and Talend are market leaders. This significantly increased the cost of improving the quality, adaptation and maintenance of the data ”.

Aqtiva allows the processing of large volumes of streaming data, in real time or similar, adapting to business demands where data quality is essential for the proper functioning of artificial intelligence: "If the data is wrong, the information will be misinterpreted and wrong decisions will be made," emphasizes Serra.

At the moment, the startup has only closed one investment round, which was capitalized by Mática Partners and which reached a valuation of 250,000 euros - between programming resources and cloud architecture - and which was used to make the Aqtiva product.

Currently, the company is negotiating with several multinationals the implementation of its system within the global BigData architecture and they expect to achieve revenues in the next two months of more than 70,000 euros. "Our business plan aims to invoice half a million euros throughout the first half of 2021 and close a second investment round before the end of 2021," concludes Serra.

Access the article to know the rest of the selected startups.


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