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Aqtiva and Anjana Data join forces to offer a pioneering proposal for the Data-Centric strategy.

  • The collaboration between Anjana Data and Aqtiva allowed its clients to have a global knowledge of their data thanks to a quality data governance

  • Both companies are committed to data as an essential strategic asset in any organization in the Big Data, Multi-Cloud and Data-Driven era.

March 26, 2021

From Aqtiva we want to communicate and celebrate the agreement signed with Anjana Data to natively integrate both data governance (Anjana) and data quality (Aqtiva) solutions and be able to jointly promote our disruptive vision of data management in the organizations.

The collaboration between Anjana Data and Aqtiva highlights and responds at the imminent need for companies to have rigorous control over their data as strategic assets.

Data Governance and Data Quality have become two fundamental aspects within the strategy of organizations with a Data-Centric strategy that requires the use of quality data and information quickly and safely.

Aqtiva is the first native Data Quality solution in Big Data environment that applies Artificial Intelligence and data management during data intake that ensures the quality of data in real time. This tool allows processing large volumes of data, both in batch and streaming, adapting to business demands where data quality is essential for the proper functioning of artificial intelligence.

Also, Anjana Data is the business solution, innovative and disruptive for data governance, designed to help organizations in the implementation of their data strategy in the era of big data, multicloud and data driven, which allows them to operationalize their data strategies thanks to the implementation of a proactive and preventive Data Government

In this context, the partnership between both companies highlights the importance of applying data quality and data Governance in the transversal integration of the data strategy in any organization, thus ensuring the best decision-making thanks to the use of data governed with quality, guaranteeing its credibility and integrity.


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