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Aqtiva: data quality watchdogs

The start-up uses Artificial Intelligence and Big Data to analyze the Quality of business information.

Lorena Farràs Pérez, La Vanguardia

August 26, 2022

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Technology makes it possible to generate large amounts of information, but not all of it is useful and for a company it is essential to have Quality Data to make decisions. "At Mática Partners we had difficulties validating the large amount of data we have, a problem that is common to most companies that work with a lot of information," explains Juan Ramón González, co-founder of this start-up dedicated to the development of technological solutions based on Business Analytics, Big Data, Data Governance and Blockchain.

To solve this internal problem, Mática Partners created a tool for its own use that "makes it possible to validate the quality of the information without the need for technical knowledge", in the words of González. The solution required two years of development and an investment of 600,000 euros (450,000 from a grant from the Center for the Development of Industrial Technology and 150,000 from Mática Partners).

In view of the usefulness of the tool and the common nature of the problem, the founders of Mática Partners decided to create a spin-off for its commercialization. "At Mática we are very good at developing products, which is what we do, but not so good at offering them, which is why we decided to create Aqtiva," says Marc Serra, co-founder of both companies. In fact, Mática has its own start-up factory or venture builder to help the ideas that are born within it to become a business project.

Aqtiva Data Technologies was founded at the beginning of 2021. It shares its headquarters with Mática, in Barcelona, although its founders point out that its six employees work mainly from home, as the company was set up in the midst of the covid pandemic. "Our clients are large or medium-sized companies with a very intensive use of data," says Astrid Camprubí, whom the entrepreneurs have hired as general manager of the spin-off. These are companies from sectors such as food and beverages, the leisure industry and the telecommunications world. "For them, validating the quality of data is essential for making strategic decisions," adds the CEO. Aqtiva's technology manager is Luka Bontempi, who was the IT developer at Mática Partners.

For the moment, Aqtiva is focusing on the domestic market, but Camprubí says that they plan to make the leap abroad "as soon as possible". Aqtiva's turnover is around 350,000 euros.

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