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Bank use case

Updated: Sep 4, 2020

Reliable marketing data processing to improve user experience in real time.

With a steady growth and continuous flow of new marketing data from multiple channels, our clients have built a unified and trusted platform. This platform is used as a marketing data layer for several digital marketing applications.

For this bank, it was crucial to have all the incoming data in as near real-time as possible and with high quality standards to better target commercial campaigns.

Thus, data quality in real time was the key to building a reliable and complete view of the user with the enormous quantity of data from day to day activity of the bank’s clients, including the website, call to “phone channel”, online payments, acquisition of new products and services, account states, while complying to the strict regulatory data protection laws.

The Bank added Aqtiva to its technology stack to apply data quality rules into multiple channels both in real-time or batch processes, allowing the early detection of bad data and avoiding its insertion into the data storage and the subsequent misleading marketing actions.

Furthermore, Aqtiva’s ease of use allowed the financial institution to add an additional quality layer into its data platform while saving the analytical team costs and time, as well as saving costs from expensive licensing solutions.


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