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Partnership Azure - Aqtiva

Updated: Sep 4, 2020

Azure is a preferred choice amongst organizations looking for a high-end cloud service. This is especially true for those companies that need an on-premises to cloud migration strategy and those who need a hybrid cloud network that can simplify the migration process.

Azure’s flexible approach creates synergy when working alongside Aqtiva’s data quality 'everywhere approach.' Instead of just transitioning to a cloud service, companies are taking advantage of Aqtiva’s integration inside Azure to apply light data quality controls in all the key data pipelines ensuring a consistent model across the multiple data layers and stages.

Azure’s rapid growth and its capability of working well with mixed solutions has encouraged Aqtiva’s team to move forward together as a partnership. The main goal of this new partnership is to help Azure’s clients to apply data-quality to their processes.

Aqtiva emphasizes the importance of adding quality processes before wrong or tempered data reaches its destination. This proactive philosophy is saving hundreds of data profiling and cleansing hours for Aqtiva’s users.

It is evident that Aqtiva is useful for any organization, no matter their infrastructure or technology. There are also extra benefits that apply only for Azure’s clients:

  1. Integration: fast and standardized deployment inside Azure that will keep your architecture simple.

  2. Faster data quality processing: since everything is happening inside the same environment, there is no latency inside the data process flow. All data is handled in the client’s preferred big data cluster inside Azure.

  3. Dramatic cost reduction: Aqtiva has a flexible implementation model. It can be easily deployed on-premises, cloud and in a pure SaaS model. However, if the data quality processing is to happen inside the big data cluster the costs drop dramatically and become a small flat fee that can work at scale.

The key benefits from above are automatically added to Ativa’s core functionalities which are:

  1. Wide variety of data quality rules and validations.

  2. Real-time dashboard to help you keep control and bring value to the end data users.

  3. Quality points at your data entry pipeline which will save your data engineers precious data cleansing hours.

  4. Everything handled with few clicks and zero code.

If all these advantages sound appealing to you, please book a demo and one of our team members will contact you.


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