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Reliable data for profitable businesses

Updated: Mar 28

Astrid Camprubí - El Punt Avui

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Last year, only on the internet, 97,000 billion terabytes (TB) of information (data) were generated. In an increasingly hyperconnected world, where companies are working to catch up and digitise themselves, data takes on a leading role. Not all data will be useful for making strategic decisions, and it is very important that we begin to become aware of the importance and positive impact that quality data management will have on our business.

Personally, I like to draw a parallel with a luxury buffet. Imagine entering a beautiful dining room, where the food bar presents all the dishes haphazardly mixed, without any sense, even outside the plates or trays. It is very likely that we would leave the restaurant feeling disoriented. The same thing happens with data. Companies generate data that comes in through various points into their trays. If we don't put them in order, observe them, structure them, validate their quality to know which ones are worth using and which ones go to the trash, and finally govern them, they will not serve us in any way. And our stakeholders will do the same as we would do in the luxury restaurant mentioned before: run away or eat with disgust with the risk of even getting food poisoning.

Data is one of the most precious strategic assets in this digitized world. There is still a lack of culture around data, and the industry has not helped much in this regard. Until now, the solutions found on the market were extremely complex software to deploy and adapt to companies, which forced them to hire highly qualified personnel not always available in the labor market, and which required high initial investments, both in licenses and technical personnel. In addition, these tools were far from the reach of business users (marketing, finance, sales, production, innovation...), promoting work in silos, and they did not always adapt to reading the files where companies had stored their data (often in very different formats). Therefore, it is necessary to distinguish reliable data, those that will be useful to us.

We have designed a tool intended for business users, a tool that democratizes access to structured, validated, and high-quality data to help any company give strategic value to their most valuable asset: their data. We help companies find a clear competitive advantage in their market by using quality information generated by their business, environment, competition, or markets, encouraging data-driven decision-making. All in a fast, simple, flexible, and pay-per-use manner, avoiding everything that large software manufacturers have not allowed until now. We are proud to serve exquisite food in a beautiful and comfortable restaurant, where the whole team strives to make you feel better than at home, and where each person pays for the amount of food they want to eat.

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