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With Aqtiva your AI is more I

Updated: Sep 4, 2020

As AI is widespread and assimilated, entire industries are witnessing this technology as a key factor for disruption. Currently, sectors in the tech industry are reaping the benefits of the AI advantages.

This also holds true for sectors that have traditionally been left out of digital revolution. In these industries you can regard, AI is a key starting point for disruption.

Although AI is sometimes thought as a “magic” process, the truth is that AI is not a standalone technology. It is more akin to a ladder with a pyramid of actions and components.

As you can see form the illustration bellow, collecting data and cleaning it are the two first mandatory steps to implement AI. Only then can the desired actions be taken. Thus, Data is thought as the fuel of AI. Furthermore, having high-quality data is one of the keys to success.

As surprisingly as it may seem, 80% of the time of a data scientist spends in on cleaning data. This is the step that must be taken prior to applying AI. The reason that it is so time consuming is because the processes are manually performed.

At Aqtiva we believe that this does not make sense. It is a paradox that AI is achieved through archaic data cleaning processes.

Our motto is “The AI movement for better Data” and behind this there is our solution which integrates the “Cleaning Data” ladder inside the “AI” ladder.

As you can see in the pyramid below, the data cleaning is included with Aqiva’s AI technology.

The advantage of applying AI into cleaning actions is that those actions are proactively endorsed with a holistic perspective and machine precision. In addition, data scientists do not have to waste precious time performing manual work.

We believe that Aqtiva can help data teams save time and resources while fostering AI based solution around the globe.


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