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You shouldn't lose sight of Aqtiva.

StartUps'Oasis has identified Aqtiva as one of the 20 startups with a SaaS model to follow in Spain in 2021.

Eduardo Solis


February 17, 2021

In recent years, the number of SaaS companies entering the market every year has exploded. Proof of this is this series of articles, where we highlight Spanish SaaS startups founded in the last two years.

With SaaS helping to streamline business processes, leading to more seamless and automated operations, Venture Capital companies are diving head first into the industry to find the best and brightest entrepreneurs to support.

SaaS is becoming an extremely profitable focus for venture capital firms, but what makes them so attractive?

A SaaS is differentiated by being a software with monthly recurring income (MRR) or annual (ARR). For a Venture Capital this means that this startup has an exponential scaling capacity, keeping costs relatively low based on LTV (Life Time Value). Therefore, if the growth of the startup is based on having an exceptional product and, therefore, it keeps its CAC (Customer Acquisition Cost) relatively low in proportion to LTV, the possibilities are endless.

The other essential characteristic of a SaaS and, perhaps the most attractive thing about these startups is that their income is recurring and, therefore, predictable. Moreover, thanks to the predictability of its annual or monthly income, a Venture Capital can, with relative ease, calculate the value of the company based on the specific multiple of its sector.

A recent proof of success has been the acquisition of Slack by Salesforce, a SaaS that has grown exponentially based on having a clearly differentiated great product. The acquisition figure has broken all the molds, more than 27,000 million dollars.

Similar to the SaaS model and, in fact, applied by Azure or Amazon Web Services, the most recognized Cloud platforms, the usage-based model allows a customer to start at a low cost. In this way, they minimize friction to get started while preserving the ability to monetize a customer over time because price is directly related to the value the customer receives.

Without limiting the number of users who can access the software, customers can find new use cases, leading to greater long-term success and higher net worth of the revenue a

customer generates for us during the time they stay with us (LTV).

The positive thing about this new model is that it is relatively easy to migrate to it from the SaaS model if we include small sections of value in our product. Spanish startups stand out for their innovation and versatility, so the potential for adopting this method is clear.

  • Aqtiva has been chosen as one of them.

Aqtiva applies BigData and AI to help you set up Quality Points in just a few clicks. Aqtiva helps you implement Quality Points quickly and without additional hours of engineering. Your data team will be able to work more efficiently, as Aqtiva provides an accurate and clear picture of all data processes and their quality. Aqtiva will make your business use clean data from the moment you start using it, saving you time.

Access the full article to find out about the rest of the selected startups


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