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Good data from the start

Aqtiva helps you add quality points at the very beginning of your data processes and ETLs to make sure all your data is clean and useful.


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Aqtiva makes clean data accessible for everyone in your organization with the following key features:


Ensures data entry accuracy and eliminates data profiling costs


Implement data quality rules with just a few clicks. No need for coding.


Leverage Aqtiva’s wide variety of rules: predefined and ad-hoc


Visualize all your data quality in a real time dashboard


Share your data quality work easily with your team and clients

Easy-to-use Aqtiva environment

We ourselves, have struggled to perform data-cleansing tasks and applying data governance to our projects. Aqtiva was born as a solution to these complexities. Aqtiva’s power is in its simplicity and user-friendly interface. Aqtiva will save you the engineering hours that are usually spent when applying data-quality into data processes.
At Aqtiva's platform everything is done with a few clicks. Quality points can be deployed to any ETL or Cloud without having to create a single line of code.
You will be able to re-use your data-quality work by duplicating and sharing quality points already deployed.


Create strong quality data culture

Golden record keeping and proper data governance are goals that all successful businesses aspire to achieve. However, businesses often fall short of these aspirations because bad quality data has already infiltrated their storage systems. The process to clean up bad data after it has reached the storage systems is a painful affair. 
Aqtiva prevents bad data from ever entering your data storage systems. Aqtiva will enable you to build a quality data culture for your business by deploying quality points across your data processes. This will help your data quality remain consistent, reliable, and stable.

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Track Aqtiva performance

Aqtiva’s data-quality performance starts with its KPI dashboard. Aqtiva's dashboard error and warning notifications will inform you which data processes are in trouble, with just a single glance.
The dashboard allows you to dive into your system, giving you valuable insights about your data, gain information on trends and develop concrete rules. The dashboard also enables you to export all logs and files with errors. You can share them with colleagues or vendors to enforce data-delivery SLAs.

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User-friendly and hands-on tool for business

Are you looking to close the gap between engineering and business users? Aqtiva’s basic operations are designed to be used by non-engineering profiles. In addition, the collaboration capabilities will enable you to involve business users into data-quality and governance.
Many of our clients are using Aqtiva to go one step further, by empowering businesses to define their own quality points and rules. This gives our clients the ability to focus and gain an accurate idea on what is important. We believe that this is a step in the right direction for many organizations.

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Aligned with security and privacy standards

Aqtiva meets industry security and privacy standards and the platform participates in regular third-party audits. Aqtiva is GDPR compliant. Data is encrypted during transit and while at rest, ensuring that your data is safe and secure.
Convenient login and signup: Aqtiva has a single sign-on with our top providers.
Lastly Aqtiva is SOC II Type 2 compliant regarding its infrastructure. This guarantees our customers strict privacy, confidentiality and the ability to enforce our security policies.

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Get started with aqtiva today

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